Saturday, 8 September 2012

Splodge away

MJ Crafts stock
Splodge Away products
I will running a workshop on Saturday 6th October, 10am until 11:30am and Wednesday 24th October 10am until 11:30am teaching you techniques and ideas of how to use these fab products, post me if you are interested (Or ring the shop on 01452 415440)

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  1. Hi just read your comment on my splodge away blog and so thoguht I would pop over to see yours. It is lovely to see independent people make such fabulous comments about the splodge away products. We customers and the splodge away design team at Suzicraft in Stockton are very proud of the product and have a huge amount of faith in it so its lovely to hear that other people like it. It does do everything it says and makes blending so much easier for beginners to. Happy Crafting to you.x