Sunday, 7 April 2013

Embossing Paste

 Handmade Embossing Paste

 So many crafters will have tried using stencils and a range of pastes and mediums to create dimension with your craft projects, one of my customers mentioned to me they had seen a demonstration with homemade paste using paint and decorators filler, so I thought I'd give it a try.
I used a ready mixed interior filler (other brands available), added a small amount of crafters acrylic paint and mixed with a metal spatula on a sheet of acetate.

I used a stencil from Crafters Workshop onto a torn piece of charcoal pearlescent card, and spread the paste with my spatula and lifted the stencil straight away before it dried.
I found that the filler dries quickly so if you are an impatient crafter like myself there's no waiting around, mine dried in about 10 minutes. I used my Ranger heat tool to speed up the drying time and there were no side effects to the filler and it dried quicker about 5 Minutes.

Wash your stencil straight away with warm soapy water to remove any of the filler and paint
This is the result you get......... 
I tried to experiment adding Glossy Accents, but the consistency becomes to runny and bleeds under the stencil. I also tried adding glitter, but it was lost in the colour and texture so didn't really give good results.
So give it a go and message me with your results!!!!!!!!!!!!

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