Monday, 21 October 2013

Gelli Plate Printing

Gelli Plate Information

Basic Materials

·        Gelli Plate

·        Acrylic Paints

·        Brayer

Print onto:

·        Brown/Kraft paper

·        Envelopes

·        Card Luggage Tags

·        Card Stock

·        Fabric

·        Copy paper

Create Texture using:

·        Stencils

·        Bubble wrap

·        Wax paper (strips or cut into shapes)

·        Paper doilies

·        Wool or string

·        Rubber Stamps

·        The edge of scrap card

·        Plastic Canvas or Aida

·        Sequin Waste

·        Windfall leaves

·        Feathers

Create Apertures using:

·        Acetate shapes

·        Large die cut wax shapes

·        Masks

·        Card squares

Interesting Household tools

·        An old fork

·        Hair Comb

·        Toothbrush

·        Clingfilm

·        Toilet roll tubes (create circles)

Draw designs using:

·        Cotton buds

·        Rubber ended moulding tool

·        Large ball embossing tool

·        End of a paintbrush

·        Cut card with deckle scissors, drag along paint


·        To create a resist technique with rubber stamps use Versa Mark watermark ink on the stamp, and randomly stamp over the Gelli plate before adding the paint.

·        The acrylic acts as a resist so apply inks when the paint is dry to add colour to the background.


·        When adding layers of paint start with the darkest colour first and work towards the lightest colour.


·        Create your own textured plates using heavyweight card stock (300gsm) through your embossing folders.


·        Use foam shapes and glue to a piece of mount board to make your own textured stamp plate


·        Try experimenting with ink to apply colour to your plate, DO  NOT  USE  PERMINANT  INKS !!!!!   
(Try Adirondack or distress inks)

You can clean your plate in between prints but I prefer to wait to the very end that way you create unusual effects by pulling off the previous colour used.

Spray the Gelli Plate with water and use kitchen roll to wipe away excess paint or alternatively use a baby wipe.

Please note fabric paints will stain the Gelli Plate, but will not damage its performance.
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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Flip Photo Album

Flip Photo Album

x 1 A4 piece of mount board for the covers
x 3 Sheets of A4 decorative back
x 2 Sheets of Double sided A4 Card
1/2 metre of ribbon
Double sided tape

Hougie Score board

1) Cut the mount board into 2 pieces 10.5cm x 26.5 cm

2) Cut 2 pieces of decorative paper to cover the mount board 29cm x 13cm. Adhere your double sided tape to the front of your mount board to attach your decorative paper fold over and adhere the excess paper and cut the corners into tabs to give a neat finish.

3)Cut another piece of co-ordinating paper for the spine (160gsm to 200gsm) 5 inch x 10 1/4 inch. Use the Hougie Board and score at every 1/2 inch.

4)Concertina the spine and attach as shown in the photo above left. Note: the covers are slighter longer than the spine so ensure you leave a small gap at either end to centre the pine into position.

5) Cut your ribbon on half and stick down with double sided tape as shown above (on the inside of both covers in the centre)

6) Cut 2 panels to cover the inside of the album 26cm x 10cm and adhere as shown above.

7) Cut 12 tabs for your photo's  3 1/4 x 4 inch from your double sided card. Start from the back and attach the top tab first, then the bottom and add the middle by judging the gap between the two.

8) Turn the page and continue adding the tabs working your to the front as shown below.

9) Just add photos and enjoy.....

Thanks for looking......
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