Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Crafters Inspiration - Issue 2

Cute Drawer Easel Card 
Materials & Equipment
  • 3 Pieces of A4 Card Stock
  • Hougie Score Board
  • Crafters Inspiration Issue 2 Cd Rom
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided pads
  • Ultra Red Tape
  • Co-ordinating ribbon and 1 Brad

1) Start with cutting a A4 sheet of card down to 6 inch wide by 10 1/2 inch long
2)With the card in the landscape position score a the 4inch mark, 5inch, 9 inch and 10 inch mark.
3)Turn the card anti clockwise and score at the 4 and 5 inch marks.
4)Turn your card so the large 4 inch square is at the bottom right hand corner and cut away so that your template looks like the image below. Apply Ultra red tape to the tabs and adhere.

5) For the drawer cut a piece of card to 14.9cm x 14.9cm (sorry for all you crafters using inches, cut a 6 inch square and cut 1/8 off the top and bottom). The main thing is the finished square needs to be slightly smaller than a 6 inch square.
6) Now to scoring....score at the 1 inch mark, turn the card and score at 1 inch, continue scoring so that you have a 1 inch score line on all 4 sides.
7) Cut away as indicated by the red sections shown below and punch a hole for the brad as indicated below.
8)Use ultra red tape on the tabs and stick on the inside.

To make the easel card for the top of the box cut a piece of card to 4 inch wide by 8 inch.
9)With the card placed landscape score at 4 inch and 6 inch mark.
10) Cut a piece of co-ordinating card to 4 inch square, attach to the easel by only adding tape just under halfway up.
11) Use the Crafter Inspiration cd rom and print of toppers and card of your choice (I've used the woodland characters for this box)

12) Attach a piece of ribbon as above before you adhere your easel card. Fold down the card and tie the ribbon in a bow to give as a gift.

13)When the easel is open tie the ribbon in a bow as shown below.

Happy Crafting!!!!

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