Friday, 20 September 2013

Hougie Board Backgrounds

Easy Score Backgrounds
Here's a couple of simple backgrounds that can be achieved on the Hougie Score Board

Tip 1: Measure your background square in the measurement you will be scoring on, in other words if you want to score at every cm as above, cut your square to the nearest cm ie 20cm by 20cm. Same applies to inches ie 7 by 7 inches and score at every 1/2 inch.
Tip 2: To achieve the above background I scored vertically at every 1cm mark on the back of the card.

Tip 3: For this pink card score from the back side and use the 15cm marker line as a guideline. Start by scoring diagonally corner to corner and move along and score at every 1 cm. Rotate the card and score from the opposite corner every 2 cm repeating the same process. 
Give these a try as a starting point and you'll soon be trying other creative backgrounds

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